We Hate Pink


We Hate Pink is the brainchild of Rossella Forlè and is powered by Valentina Cianci, Fiorenza Plinio and Saba Mahmood.

We Hate Pink is a London based community platform aiming to increase the access of women to leadership roles at all levels.

We support gender equality within the workforce and help businesses generate stronger marketing results as a range of skills and views are brought to the table. The benefits of this are twofold. Not only are women provided with better employment opportunities. But companies are also supported to achieve gender equality at all levels.


Create a reality where women progress further professionally and in turn personally

Redefine success for women by providing the tools and connections they need to ‘own’ their futures

Increase the number of women in leadership roles

The team


Rossella Forle’

Co-founder and CEO


Saba Mahmood

Head of Digital Delivery


Valentina Cianci

Co-Founder and CFO


Aashna Bhatia

Content journalist


Fiorenza plinio



Alanna Wurn

Gender, Policy, and Inequalities Expert


Why We Hate Pink and our branding is Pink

…  Why We “Hate” it

Pink has been the color used to stereotype women and describe us as fragile, sweet, helpless, interdependent and dumb individual for decades.

These stereotypes have been affected important life outcomes such as hiring and promotion job performance evaluations and academic performance.  

That’s why we “Hate” it so much. "We" because we're a community of women for women and we want strongly underline how much we are against gender stereotypes and consequently women oppression and discrimination.

We use “Hate” because to achieve gender equality, we still need to fight for it. Unfortunately there is no way to achieve gender equality without depriving it of its essential energy, because feminism is hard, demanding and full of (right) rage. 

We Hate Pink because we believe that women should be free from pre-fabricated ideas of social and cultural behaviors related to gender.

We Hate Pink because we believe that every girl should be free to do what she loves with no restrictions related to her gender. 

We Hate Pink because of the meaning that has been given to it.

But the color pink is also the color of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability that’s why we decided to use it for our branding as it is, just a powerful beautiful color!


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